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Axia xSelector

Selector for Axia Consoles

From: AXIA


-Fanless design for silent in-studio operation.
-High-resolution front-panel multi-function OLED display meters inputs and outputs and provides audio source selection controls.
-Local I/O connections via industry-standard RJ-45 or XLR audio connectors,.

xSelector lets talent select from all available audio streams on the Livewire network, and route them to its local output (conveniently presented in both balanced analog and AES/EBU format).


-In addition to being able to select audio streams from the Livewire network for use locally, the xSelector features one stereo input and one stereo output, allowing -fast network distribution of locally created streams from audio workstations or portable audio devices. Each xSelector can create 1 stereo Livewire stream, which -becomes available to other devices on the Livewire network.
-Local I/O is presented on both AES digital and analog balanced inputs and outputs. The user can feed audio into either a balanced analog input or an AES input.
-Both the AES and analog outputs are active simultaneously; both outputs have the same audio present.
-Includes 2 GPIO closures presented on standard DB-15 connectors for machine control of associated devices.
-xSelector’s stereo outputs can be assigned to output either the locally-created audio stream, or a single stereo Livewire stream acquired from the network and easily -selected from a list of available streams using the front panel OLED display.
-Six frequently-used streams can be assigned to the front panel “radio buttons” for instant access. Filmcap buttons can be labeled with names of assigned channels if -desired.
-Dual Livewire 100Base-T Ethernet ports for redundant connection to your Livewire audio network.
-Front panel headphone jack and volume control make xSelector a valuable addition to dubbing and ingest stations where minimal infrastructure is desired.
-Built-in HTTP server for easy remote control using any PC with a Web browser.