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Compact Cinema Surround Speakers

From: JBL

- 150 watt continuous, 600 watts peak.
- THX approved.
- 8" woofer and 1" soft dome driver.

The JBL 8320 Compact Cinema Surround Speakers are full-range speakers specifically intended for cinema surround sound and theater installation. The compact, full-range enclosure features an 8" woofer and 1" high frequency driver that are capable of 150 watts continuous (600 watts peak) power. The lightweight, molded cabinets feature a 20° angle for downward firing while mounted high on walls. Top mounted 5-way binding post connections are mounted on the top (instead of the rear) for easy access and installation.


- 20° downward facing angle.
- 50Hz to 20kHz Frequency Range.
- High Sensitivity, 91dB SPL, 1W, 3.3' (1m).
- Uniform horizontal and vertical coverage.
- Internal Thermomaster technology allows for unprecedented high frequency power in a compact molded enclosure.
- Convenient mounting design uses JBL QuickMount, Omnimount or APC Multimount brackets.
- Special cabinet shape incorporates 20° angled front baffle.
- SMPTE/ISO2969 Curve X high frequency de-emphasis.
- Lightweight, rigid molded enclosure.
- Input terminals located on top of cabinet for quick access.