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Omnia 9 X2

Omnia 9 Audio Management Software

From: Omnia


- Exclusive “Undo” technology with de-clipper prevents listener fatigue by removing distortion and selectively, undoing the over-compression so common in     mastering today.
- Optimizes sound quality of low bitrates by removing distortion components so that they do not waste bits during encoding.
- 6-band Parametric EQ for your signature sound.

Based on the technology found in the popular Omnia.9 audio processor, 9X/2 is not simply a streaming processor-encoder, but a complete audio management system that will actually improve the flaws found in most recorded source material – both music and voice – as well as address the specific technical challenges of Internet distribution.

Now includes the Fraunhofer xHE-AAC (Extended High-Efficiency AAC) codec, which is designed for high-performance low-bitrate streaming and includes integrated speech-coding tools plus more efficient audio-signal coding in general. The result is low-bitrate audio streams that sound equally good on both Talk and Music content.


-Downward Expansion (source noise reduction).
-Multiband stereo enhancer.
-Streaming Partners.
-Software only, no special cards required.
-Includes Axia Livewire® driver.
-Runs as a Windows service in the background, no need to log in.
-Configure and monitor the application from any PC, tablet, or smartphone using an HTML5 web browser.
-Manage the Omnia.9 audio processing from anywhere with NfRemote, locally or across the Internet.
-Run multiple, fully independent stereo processors in one instance. Pay only for what you need. Upgrades available.
-Flexible remote control application with touch screen support, comprehensive instrumentation, and remote audio streaming of any patch-point, also includes full   speaker controller.
-Separately adjustable sample rate (high-quality conversion) and gain control per encoded stream.
-Extremely high audio quality, efficient CPU usage and low memory footprint.