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Transmission Transmission

Audio Processors

Omnia 9

Omnia Audio Processor

From: Omnia


-FM or AM processing on demand is standard.
-Simultaneous FM+AM if programming is 100% simulcast and at same transmitter site.
-Studio output with very low latency for talent monitoring is also standard.

Optional HD-1, HD-2, HD-3 processing and streaming/encoding, RDS. Dual path model available for two separate program feeds broadcasting on FM+FM, FM+AM or FM+FM+AM simulcast with HD output, IP-Streaming with separate processing and encoding and low latency studio processing, all built-in for both feeds.


-Multiband downward expansion (source noise reduction)
-3-stage wideband AGC with adjustable sidechain equalization
-Program-dependent multiband compression
-Multiband look-ahead limiting
-Selectable phase linear high pass filter, 15, 30 or 45 Hz
-Two-band final look-ahead limiting on digital paths
-7 inch front panel touch screen
-Full remote control via included NFRemote software with client audio streaming for remote adjustment and monitoring. Also supports full remote control and monitoring via HTTP request
-On-screen keyboard with several layouts (QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Dvorak and ABC sequential) for easy setup and preset name typing
-Selectable SSB (Single Sideband) stereo encoder
-HTTP push support for automation, such as RDS and streaming song titles, preset recall
-Studio Output with very low latency for talent monitoring
-Dual independent power supplies
-Composite pass-through (relay bypass) for your backup processor, with full analysis tools for external composite signals
-Internal patch point capability so you can optimize placement of your Voltair / PPM® encoder within your audio processing chain.