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Single-channel Studio-Transmitter Link

From: Marti Electronics

-Mono STL transmitter
-Replaces the STL 10

The STL 20M is our latest mono STL transmitter. This transmitter replaces the STL 10. There are a number of changes that were made to make this the price-value leader in mono STL products. The STL 20M is synthesized, has a new RF amplifier, as well as a cooling fan. More power, reliable, cooler, and easier to tune - that's the new STL 20M. Two of these units can be used to build a discrete stereo STL system. 

The Marti Electronics STL-20M is a mono STL that incorporates the proven synthesizer and RF power amp design that is now in the SRPT-30, SRPT-40A and the STL-20C. This unit is being introduced first in the 940 to 965 MHz band and delivers 20 watts of power. This is the most powerful mono STL transmitter on the market today.

For mono operations or for non-composite stereo applications, choose the Marti STL20M. Separate right and left units can be linked for stereo operation with greater interference rejection, superior noise specifications and lower channel crosstalk than most composite systems. Features: excellent square wave response; user selectable audio processing; low pass and band pass filtering for minimum overshoot and high selectivity; front panel test functions and built-in automatic switching capability.