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Transmission Transmission

FM Exciters and Transmitters


Composite STL Receive

From: Marti Electronics

-Companion receiver to the STL 20C transmitter
-Frequency agile

The SR 20C is the companion receiver to the STL 20C transmitter. This unit is fully synthesized and can be operated in any frequency within the specified band of operation. The SR 20C is frequency agile and can be programmed easily to any operating frequency in the band of interest.

The Marti SR20C receiver, along with its companion STL20 transmitter, form a high-quality, frequency-synthesized STL radio communications link. Depending upon the available channel bandwidth, the systems can transmit composite stereo with two subcarriers, or digital stereo audio when used with external modems. Features include unexcelled composite stereo separation, low noise and distortion, and high interference rejection.