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DEVA DSP-based, High Performance 6-Band Audio Processor

From: DEVA Broadcast
  • Weight:2.6 kg

  • Shipping Dimensions:540 x 115 x 300 cm


-Ultra low latency, all-digital DSP based design
-4 bands of adjustable dynamic range compression and ‘graphic-EQ’
-Extensive set of factory presets and several customizable user presets
-L/R Analog inputs and outputs and two independent Composite MPX outputs.
-Integrated digital stereo generator with advanced peak control

It was the real-world know-how of the broadcasting equipment that led DEVA in every step of DB6000’s process of creation. It stands for cutting-edge design which meets cutting-edge engineering. Containing a combination of features with no equal on the market, this audio processor was built to obtain the perfect balance between power and performance.

By continuously developing new features and capabilities for our devices, we have managed to enhance the DEVA DB6000 even more by integrating a DSP-based Stereo encoder assures an extremely precise MPX Signal with advanced peak control and two independently configurable composite MPX outputs. We have also added a feature never incorporated in an audio processor of this price class before – the built-in IP Audio player supporting MP3 and PCM audio formats. Another complimentary feature is the fully dynamic RDS/RBDS encoder.

As all DEVA products are designed with the idea of user friendly operation, the DB6000 comes with a very clean, intuitive and well-organized user interface. It allows easy setup and full control via the front panel and remote control access via TCP/IP. The HTML 5 based WEB interface allows the unit to be accessed remotely through iOS, Android or any other mobile device.


-Built-in web server for remote control access via TCP/IP connection
-Software Control (over local network or the Internet using any Windows® PC)
-Advanced, fully distortion-controlled pre-emphasized final limiter/clipper
-Built in DSP-based RDS/RBDS encoder
-Bright, wide view angle OLED and full-time LED meters
-Easy setup and control via the front panel
-Remotely upgradable firmware to ensure improved operation
-Headphone output with front panel level control
-Advanced Multiband Limiter
-Adjustable wide-band AGC with “intelligent” gating
-Externally synchronized output sample rate
-Tight peak control at all outputs
-Intelligent Silence Detector
-Fallback function in case of Audio Loss
-Variety of Audio Sources
-Multi-format IP Audio Player
-Built-in MP3 Player
-SD Card for Audio Backup Storage