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Audio Processors

AudiMax 362HD

Analog FM, 7 Stages Audio Processor with Digital Stereo Coder

From: Solidyne

The AudiMax 362 HD now includes a new mode of operation HD (High Definition without pre-emphasis) allowing use in audio recordings of voices, commercials and music.
Manages three audio inputs of different levels, including the new RJ45 connection technology.

Seven Audio Processors inside 362HD
The input level is self-adjusted for any console model and compensates changes in the level of VU meters due
to DJs or novice operators

Processor 1: An audio expander guarantees the elimination of background noise at times when there is silence

Processor 2: An AGC (Automatic Gain Control) ensures constant audio level at the input of the multiband system. It avoids variations in the level of your radio transmission due to different announcers
or even operators errors. 

Processor 3: A phase rotation system uses the Kahn-Bonello technology for cancellation of asymmetry peaks. This eliminate the asymmetry of the human voice that reduce the reach of the radio and gives a sensation of weak sound.

Processor 4: Dynamic Equalizer is a dynamic audio EQ of 3 bands that allow reinforcing certain frequencies, generally the bass to have a sound with a loud punch. Unlike the conventional equalizers, whose action is lost for high levels of modulation, this equalizer emphasizes its action with high modulation.

Processor 5: The Band Energy system increases the peak density for the 3 bands. This allows to get high loudness signals. These knobs allow to select aggressive or smoother sound.

Processor 6: The Multiband Compressor is the core of the processing system,
constituted by independent audio compressors that work at 3 band-frequencies. Low, Mid and High. The attack times are automatic. The Band Energy controls allow modifying the input gain of the compressors. An Intermodulation cancellation filter gets a crystal clear sound.

Processor 7: One MPX clipper of peaks with up to 6 dB of action level
(using a Super-Modulation technology), increases the audio signal
between 2 and 3 dB, without over modulation


-Analog Inputs:
1- XLR3 conector, level self-adjusted 0 dBu to + 15 dBu 600 ohms balanced; Z > 10 Kohms
2- RCA unbal, level self adjusted -15 to 0 dBu, Z=10 Kohms
3- RJ45 stereo balanced (compatible with StudioHUB, Axia,etc) 0 dBu to + 15 dBu, 600 ohms balanced. Z > 10 Kohms
4- Optional digital stereo USB input for PC direct connection
-Analog Output:
1- Analog Balanced, + 4 dBu; Z= 600 / 10 Kohms, with deemphasis(flat response)
2- Optional USB digital stereo output (flat response) for direct connection to PC
-MPX Output:
Two MPX outputs with individual level control with preset at rear side 600/10 Kohms, level from 0,4 to 4,5 Vpp
Differential output, BNC connector, floating ground 50 ohms
Allows 45 dB canceling buzz & noise due to ground loops
-Frequency Response:
20 - 16.000 Hz +/- 0,5 dB measured below compression & limiter threshold
Harmonic Distortion Below 0,02 % @ 30-15.000Hz
Below - 90 dBA ref 100 % modulation
-Stereo Separation:
> 75 dBA