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Transmission Transmission

STL / Microwave Links


T1 / E1 Digital Transmission System

From: Moseley

-Digital Program Audio
-HD Radio™ & Multicasting
-RPU & Satellite Backhaul
-Confidence Monitor
-RDS / RBDS Data

Crystal clear highs and transparent bass notes to make a station stand out on the dial. There’s no noise buildup or distortion common to analog lines or STLs. Daughter cards for the intelligent multiplexer provide data and voice circuits. Systems can be easily customized to a station’s needs. The T1 CSU or E1 interface is built-in too. 44.1, 48 and 32 kHz sample rates plus an available Ethernet data channel gives you all the signals required for HD Radio™ and Multicasting.

Combining payload over a single bidirectional digital circuit saves stations money when compared to multiple discreet audio, voice and data circuits. Both AES/EBU and analog inputs and outputs on a single module make easy connections to analog or digital studios, transmitters and processing. Built in our own factory means on-time deliveries and readily available spare parts. Moseley technicians test all systems before they leave our plant.


-Linear uncompressed audio
-32, 44.1, or 48 KHz sample rates
-Input: AES/EBU Digital or Analog (L+R)
-Output: AES/EBU Digital and Analog (L+R)
-XLR connectors
-Built-in RS-232 data channel
-Choice of Compression