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TP300 PK

TP-300B Prompter and Hard Case Kit for iPad and Android Tablets

From: Datavideo Technologies Co.
  • Weight:5.7 lb

  • Shipping Dimensions:9.84 x 8.27 x 17.60 in

-Supports iPad/Android Tablets
-Bluetooth/Wired Remote Control
-60/40 Partially Silvered Mirrored Glass
-2x Riser Plates Included
-Standard and Below Lens Mounting Option
-Includes Hard Case
-Packing Foam Transfers to Hard Case

The Datavideo TP-300B Prompter and Hard Case Kit for iPad and Android Tablets with Bluetooth/Wired Remote includes the TP-300B Prompter Kit and HC-300 Hard Case for protection of your gear during storage and transportation. The downloadable DV Prompter application software (available for iOS and Android devices) allows you to import text to scroll automatically or be controlled with the included wired/wireless remote. A number of clear fonts, colors, and text sizes are available that make reading comfortable from different distances.

With the mounting system, the TP-300 Datavideo Prompter Kit can be quickly and easily adapted to hold several sizes of tablet devices, while the included HC-300 Hard Case fits the TP-300 Prompter Kit, complete with mountings. You can take the pre-cut foam out of the teleprompter's original packing card and fit it directly it into the carry case.

The Datavideo TP-300B Prompter Kit for iPad and Android Tablets with Bluetooth/Wired Remote works with your iPad or Android tablet running Datavideo's free DV Prompter software, and the included remote control is approved to work with the downloadable DV Prompter software. The prompter's cradle is adjustable, allowing it to accept tablets ranging from 4.1" to 7.8" wide. The prompter uses 60/40 partially silvered glass to reflect the text from your iPad toward the talent. The glass is labeled with red and green stickers that identify which side faces your camera's lens when you first assemble the unit, or after removing the glass for cleaning.

Included with the prompter are two riser blocks, so you can center your camera. Hook-and-loop fasteners allow you to attach the lens hood to prevent light from flaring the mirrored glass. When shooting exteriors, you can attach the included side curtains for additional protection from glare. You can mount the camera directly to the prompter frame, or use the included riser blocks to position the camera in the center of the glass. The adjustable cradle can be mounted in standard prompting position or in a below-the-lens configuration if the situation presents itself.


-Reading Range 9' / 3 m
-Remote Control Bluetooth
-Range: 9' / 3 m
-Battery Life: 3 to 6 hours depending on usage
-Charging Time: 90 minutes
-Cable Length: 9' / 3 m
-Battery Life Prompter Remote Control Battery Life: 2 years at average usage
-Mounting Bracket Size 4.1" / 105 mm (minimum tablet width)
-7.8" / 198 mm (maximum tablet width)