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Transmission Transmission

RDS Encoders

DEVA SmartGen 6.0

UECP Compatible RDS/RBDS Encoder with LAN, USB & RS-232 Connectivity

From: DEVA Broadcast
  • Weight:2.5 kg

  • Shipping Dimensions:540 x 115 x 300 cm


-Fully Digital Synthesis of RDS signal with excellent quality and spectral purity
-Fully independent RDS decoder for self-monitoring purposes
-Front panel LCD Display and Buttons for operating without a computer
-Remote configuration via ASCII or UECP protocols through RS232, LAN, USB
-Supported Network Protocols: HTTP, FTP, SNMP, SMTP, UpNP, UDP and TCP

Manufactured to meet the highest standards in broadcasting, DEVA SmartGen 6 encoder furnishes all the mandatory for this high class equipment features, at competitive price.

Since all DEVA’s products are manufactured to be user friendly in terms of operation, SmartGen 6 comes with simple and reliable programming software: “SmartGen RDS/RBDS Encoders Manager” and a password protected WEB interface for remote connection.

The local (RS232, USB) and remote (TCP/IP, UDP/IP) interfaces permit fast and full integration of the RDS/RBDS encoder to the station’s other functions, including message streams for digital radio and Webcasting. The LCD (2x40) text display and Intuitive Navigation menu are used for on-site navigation through the menus, quick access to the parameters and the functions and for altering of their values. In addition, the display visualizes the incoming raw data from the station, just as the radio of your listeners does.

Another impressive feature of DEVA SmartGen 6 is the SNMP agent software component, which reports information via SNMP to one or more administrative computers (managers). SmartGen 6 complies with SNMPv2C. The function SNMP traps or E-mail notification on user-defined alerts is also available.


-4 x user-defined GPO, allowing easy management of external devices when needed
-2 x General Purpose Inputs with user-defined functionality
-Includes the TA function for traffic message priority override
-Alert notifications on user-defined events via SNMP traps or E-mails
-Real time clock Schedules for Scrolling Text and text lists
-Custom HTML formatted E-mail templates with dynamic variables
-SNTP & GPS module for automatic synchronization of the built-in clock
-Supports European CENELEC and United States NRSC standards
-Attractive price and very good price-performance ratio
-Full support of Open Data Applications
-Supports RT+ for songs and content tagging
-PS & Radio Text Scrolling Options
-Supports TMC (Traffic Message Channel)