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Transmission Transmission

RDS Encoders

DEVA SmartGen Micro

DEVA Basic RDS/RBDS Encoder

From: DEVA Broadcast
  • Weight:1 kg

  • Shipping Dimensions:120x103x31 cm


-Very Attractive Price
-Very Good Price-Performance Ratio
-PS & Radio Text Scrolling Options
-Fully Digital Synthesis of RDS signal
-MPX Loopthrough & Sidechain Modes

The DEVA SmartGen Micro demonstrates an excellent price-performance ratio. This unit can transmit all the basic RDS plus decoder information and music/speech flags. A small but very useful device, it will also guarantee you PS and radio text scrolling options, fully digital synthesis of the RDS signal, and two types of operating modes – Loop-through & Side-chain.

To help get RDS on-air quickly and effortlessly, a very simple and intuitive Windows® interface has been included on the CD-ROM that comes with the DEVA SmartGen Micro encoder. It can be used by anyone for setting the static IDs and flags, to program default entries into the dynamic messaging fields, and for setting of other operating parameters that affect how data is displayed on the radio. The DEVA SmartGen "Micro" will identify your station by format, display your station's "street name", and continuously transmit your station promo or advertising message.


-Internal or external Pilot / MPX Synchronisation
-Very Intuitive Windows Configuration Software
-Proved and reliable hardware for 24/7/365 operating
-Built-in dedicated 19kHz source for internal sync
-Works with any FM exciter and stereo generator
-Supports both RDS & RBDS standards
-Easy Installation and Setup
-USB Programming Interfaces
-Built-in failsafe bypass relay
-Robust Aluminum Case for high RF immunity