Suriname has long been talking about the modernization and expansion of the television signal, in addition to this there was the presidential political promise to the indigenous communities to take the television and internet signal to their communities.

In addition to this, prior to the approval of the project for the STVS channel, during one of the meetings with the managers, there were difficulties or rather concerns that had to be resolved. One of them was the need to change the technological standard of television, since the present one was programmed to be used under the European standard and was to be expected, since Suriname came from being a Dutch colony and consequently the European influences are very marked in This territory, but commercially the relations with North America were very solid, even a customs agent reported that more than 500 thousand digital televisions had been imported from North America. These and other reasons resulted in the recommendation of the American digital standard as an official standard for television in the country.

A channel manager contacted the vice minister of the country and expressed his concern about choosing the American standard and considered it a mistake, then the vice president, who is a very open person organized a meeting with us the next day.

The meeting was unusual because it was directly at the hotel where we were staying, from there the Vice Minister asked us for a report on why they should adopt the American standard and after 48 hours of giving him the report Suriname had taken the decision to adopt the American standard and approved the modernization of television signal expansion in the country.

Once the project approval is obtained, we begin with NETWORK PLANNING. Part of this step is to evaluate coverage planning.

In the past, usually a customer asked for a transmitter and an antenna and we asked for the coordinates of the GPS and this way we could tell him which areas he would cover, in this case things were different since the client tells you that Zones you want to cover, then the equation is: how much power is needed, what antenna height is the ideal and what kind of radiation we need to be able to cover that area, among other variables.

We had to know how the content was to be distributed, how the contribution to the transmission sites would get, and then how we would distribute the transmitter signal; If it was via microwave, fiber, satellite, since not all cases apply the same, which is why it was imperative to know the territory very well.